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Fingerprinting FAQs for Texas RNs and LVNs

With fingerprinting for criminal background checks now being conducted on all licensed nurses in the State of Texas, it is important that each nurse be familiar with the general procedure for completing the fingerprinting requirement. Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the fingerprinting process are below. If you have further questions about fingerprinting, please do not hesitate to contact the Board at

Are all nurses being fingerprinted?

Yes, each nurse will be randomly selected to be fingerprinted at least once over the next ten years.

How will I know when I have been selected?

The Board mails a notice to selected nurses 90 days prior to the expiration date of the license. It is imperative that the Board has the correct address to ensure that all notices are received (see instructions in the Bulletin for address change instructions). Fingerprinting instructions are included with the notice.

What happens if I do not send my fingerprints?

You will not be able to renew your nursing license unless the fingerprints are submitted when requested by the Board.

I was recently fingerprinted by another agency. Do I still need to be fingerprinted for the BON?

Yes. Fingerprints would still need to be submitted to the BON. The fingerprints submitted to other agencies cannot be used by the BON to obtain criminal history records from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

Can I do the fingerprints on my own?

No, the fingerprints must be done by someone trained to collect fingerprints. If you are unable to be fingerprinted through MorphoTrust USA (, you may be fingerprinted at a law enforcement agency (police department/sheriff's office).

What is MorphoTrust USA?

MorphoTrust USA ( is a company contracted by the Department of Public Safety to provide fingerprinting services in the State of Texas. They have locations throughout the state and specialize in live-scan fingerprinting. The BON recommends that Texas residents use MorphoTrust USA for fingerprinting services. Fingerprints done with MorphoTrust USA can be submitted electronically to the BON which results in fewer rejected fingerprints and faster processing.

How much does it cost to be fingerprinted?

MorphoTrust USA ( charges $9.95 for fingerprinting services. Other agencies in Texas and outside Texas may charge a different fee. Please check with the prospective agency prior to making an appointment.

Why did I receive a letter saying I need to submit another set of fingerprints?

If the DPS and/or FBI are unable to read the fingerprints, they will require another set of fingerprints. Typically, this indicates the fingerprinting technician rolled the fingerprints incorrectly. Rejections of this type can often be avoided by using MorphoTrust USA ( for fingerprinting services.

Can I get my fingerprints done now and send them early?

No. The fingerprints must be sent when the Board sends the notification. Due to the high volume of nurses in the State of Texas, we cannot accept fingerprints unless the person has been selected.

What happens if something comes up on my criminal history record?

If the Board has not previously reviewed the incident(s), the Board's Enforcement Department will review the case(s) to determine whether any disciplinary action is warranted. If the Board has previously reviewed the incident(s), the findings from the original investigation(s) will stand.

I think something may come up on my criminal background check. Should I notify the Board before submitting my fingerprints?

Yes, please send a signed and dated letter to the Board describing the incident(s) on your criminal background with certified copies of the court documents.